No more hay here

Current information

Last updated 2 July 2012

As of 2012 we are no longer selling hay. We have leased the hayfields and barn. Although you might see hay in the barn, we can't sell it to you. It isn't ours!

We don't know whether this will change in some future year, but probably not. That is, we don't expect to sell hay here again.

Our sincere thanks to our loyal customers over the years.

What happened?

In a nutshell: We couldn't make a profit on the hay long-term. Although some years were profitable, they didn't make up for the years when there was a glut of hay and prices fell.

In more detail: The price of hay didn't keep pace with increasing costs of fertilizer, machine-work fuel and labor, spraying and other field maintenance, etc. We always tried to produce top-quality hay, and in most years we did, but it couldn't command enough of a price premium to make it worthwhile.